Terms and Condition

The terms and conditions of LiveBetTip.com contains the rules for using the resources of the web site by each user. It is oblidged everybody to be well aware with the rules before registering.

Defining the services, rights and obligations of the administrators and the users:

1. Defining the sides and the services in the common terms

1.1. The service is in publishing information for upcomming football events.
1.2. The web site LiveBetTip.com offers this service.
1.3. The user of the service is everybody that registers the web site.
1.4. Guest is everybody that uses the resources with access for everybody.

2. Rights and obligations of the users of the web site

2.1. Everybody has the right to register only once. The user can be deleted at any time by an administrator without a warning.
2.2. If the user is not registered, he can access the resources of the site and read the published information.
2.3. The full access to the site is given after a free registration. It is required personal information of the user, that is used only in LiveBetTip.com. In any case of braking this rule the user must inform the administrator of the site.
2.4. The user is oblidged not to perform any actions that harm the autority of LiveBetTip.com concerning publishing information to rhird parties, no matter if the information is true or not.
2.5. The user do not has the right to perform actions in the web site that threaten its activity and security.

3. Rights and obligations of the administrators of LiveBetTip.com

3.1. LiveBetTip.com is a web site that offers access to football news, online results, tips and statistics.
3.2. LiveBetTip.com is collecting, processing and preserving the data of the users by following the law of the private data. The private user data are processed and saved on a personal computer. The programs and the computers on which they are installed are protected with the corresponding for these methods resources. The submited private data can be processed for the needs of the site in order to service the users or give statistical data.
3.3. LiveBetTip.com is not responsible if the username or password are used by other persons without permision.
3.4. The administartor is not responsible in the case the services are damagad by computer viruses or programs and networks that prevent or stop the normal functioning of the computer configuration or the programs of the user.
3.5 LiveBetTip.com services are with entertaining and educating purposes. Each registered user can post his own bet tips for free for upcomming football matches and on this basis he gains virtual points. Providing of this service is not meant to force the users to bet or perform other gambling activities. LiveBetTip.com is not responsible for material or any other losses in result of the using the web site.
3.6 LiveBetTip.com provides its services and is not responsible for the reliability of their functioning, the count or the type of the included functions, the terms of access of the others, providing help, instructions and other parameters.
3.7. LiveBetTip.com has the right to remove the access to every or part of the services as well as using them by part or all of the users.
3.8. The administrator is not responsible for the authentic status of the published information.
3.9. LiveBetTip.com has the right to show, send, load, perform and expose all advertising materials to its users. Responsible for all the advertisements and their trade marks are their holders.
3.10. LiveBetTip.com own the rights on the texture and the graphic part of the web site. Using materials is allowed only after a written permision by an administrator in the terms of the low.
3.11. The administrator can publish links in LiveBetTip.com to other web sites and is not responsible for their functioning and content.
3.12. LiveBetTip.com is not responsible for the content outside of its domain.

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